What is Vgenereperotoire.org?

The database contains sequences from jawed vertebrate taxa whose WGS datasets are available. To date, the repository consist of more than 20,000 V exon (parts of V-gene) sequences from more than 500 taxa (orders mammalia, reptilia, birds, and fishes). WGS Data: the majority of V exon sequences have been extracted from the genomes available at the NCBI.

The sequences in the database were obtained from machine learning algorithms. Until experimental confirmation, care should be taken since the data contains false positives.


V, IG and MHC exons from Monotremata, Metatheria, and Eutheria


V, IG, and MHC exons from Crocodylia, Lepidosauria, and Testdudines


V, IG, and MHC exons from Batrachi and Gymnophiona

Teleostomi (Fishes)

V, IG, and MHC exons from Actinopterygii, and Sarcopterygii